Hi, my name is Betsi and I guess you could say that I was born creative. My most prized possession as a toddler was the green colored tin that held my crayons. I remember vividly afternoons in my Grandmother's parlor coloring for hours, and the peacefulness of it all. There was comfort in colors. When I was eight, My Grandpa Joe built me my very own clubhouse which sat underneath the shady trees in the side yard. It was square, made of plywood with a sloped plastic green roof. My Mom let me paint it, so I chose the American flag. I went to town painting each row of red and white, and I was pretty proud of my blue stars. I had one bad ass clubhouse! I tried a variety of things in my pre and early teens. I took sewing lessons, learned cross stitch, embroidery  and needlepoint. and I was pretty good at them all, but I found that just following a pattern just wasn't for me. When I was 13, I was the only girl at the roller rink with hand painted roller skates, and the latch hook rug kits my Mom would buy me just weren't cutting it anymore. I asked her to get me blank canvas so I could just create my own. And I did.

I took art in High school, as we all had to, but I found it insufferable. One, because the teacher was pretty much a tool, and two, the way they taught and showed you things was mundane and unexciting. I think I skipped that class a lot anyway to hang out with my friends. I got more out of that. As I got older, I did all the life stuff, work, friends, marriage, kids. My creativity fell by the wayside....for a while. In the 90's when my kids were little, I rediscovered my love of painting. I took tole and stencil classes with my Mom, and even graduated from clown school (yes you read that right) That led to countless face painting gigs that were so much fun and I felt so much at home with a brush in my hand! One day while wanting to decorate my porch, I thought of hand painted flower pots. I discovered patio paint, and that led me to my first artistic business venture. "Happi Potz"! I spent countless hours after I'd put the kids to bed precisely painting characters on flower pots until I had so many I needed to unload some. I did craft fairs and did pretty well monetarily , but more importantly, I learned so much being surrounded by other creative people!

Happi Potz didn't last long as life took it's twists and turns, but I kept the creative fires burning! I completely faux painted my entire house, hand stenciled my bar stools, kitchen cabinets and even my oven door with sunflowers. I hand painted my bathroom with cartoon fish to give the illusion of being underwater. I think it got to the point where when my kids came home from school, they really didn't know what color the house was going to be when they got there. Really. Life twisted and turned again....

One day, we were strolling around Lake George Village and in front of this store were several Adirondack chairs, painted in bright colors. Purples, yellows, oranges, with giant contrasting flowers up the backs. They were simply adorable. Being a new home owner I thought I'd like to do something like that for our back yard, and I remembered my love of painting....Hubby went out and bought me 6 chairs thinking it would give me something creative to do. They sat in the garage forever. I had no desire to paint these things and copy someone else. Not sure how it happened but one morning I woke up and thought, decoupage!!! Popular in the 70's, I had learned the technique from my Mom, but never gave it much thought. Daring Deco was born! Instead of painting the chairs, I decoupaged them, in a not so traditional way, and soon found out that I was on to something! I was offered a store front window in Cohoes to display my work and that gave me the boost I needed. I joined Artique, a crafters and vendors co-op at the time and rented a booth there to bring my creations to more and more people. The four years I was there, in two locations, I was able to wow people with the quirky things I would come up with! From furniture to glassware, coasters, clocks, tissue box covers and the list goes on and on.....I discovered a life long love for thrift stores and up-cycling! Again, I did well, but what I took away from that experience was all the creative people I got to be around all the time, and how their passion and love for what they do was so much similar to mine! Then, again, life twisted and turned in indescribable ways.....

Fast forward to 2015. I was asked to make a couple of pieces for a coffee shop in Saratoga with a coffee theme. Being a collage artist I came up with a couple of pieces that were really cool and appropriately themed, but I was missing something (Please see FAQ) Beans by Betsi was born, and I haven't looked back, and never want to. I have finally found my calling.

Once I started beaning, I haven't done much else, and don't care to. It has truly become my passion! I put my heart and soul into each piece that I create and I strive every day to get bigger and better, challenge myself, and bring you the most unique and one of a kind pieces anywhere! It is always my goal to bring that "wow" factor from something you've never seen before! If it stops you, you stare, you smile, and in that moment, has brought you joy....that's art.
I'm grateful each and every day to have been born creative. It took a lot of years to figure it out, but it all makes sense now.