Events & Shenanigans

Beans by Betsi is thrilled and honored to announce that my piece "We the Sheeple" has been selected by the Coffee Art project to be displayed, sold, and judged this year at the New York Coffee Festival 2017!


Proceeds benefit Project Waterfall, and I am so happy I can do my part to help! I am so grateful and humbled to be among such talent and I hope my piece can bring smiles to NYC!


The New York City Coffee Festival



 Metropolitan Pavilion

125 West 18th Street
New York, NY 


 The New York Coffee Festival was an incredible experience and a total blast! It was beyond an honor to hang on the wall amongst such incredibly talented artists! We sampled amazing brews, learned a lot and met fantastic people from all over the world! Truly something I will never forget!


Beans by Betsi was yet again thrilled and honored to announce that my piece "How YOU Brewin?" was selected by The Coffee Art Project to be dispalyed, sold, and judged at The New York Coffee Festival 2018!

I was again this year, so happy to raise money for project waterfall, and was beyond thrilled to win the "The New York Coffee Festival Visitor Award"!!!!! I'm so happy my piece was enjoyed in NYC and found a good home!

The festival was NUTS this year! Super crowded, crazy and FUN!!! Again met some super cool people from everywhere, and was so happy to see some familiar faces from last year as well!


I hope to make it back to NYC 2019!!!!!!!!!